Zimbabweans in the diaspora were flocking back to the country for the festive period but according to a recent Gallup World Poll, two-thirds of the Zimbabweans living outside the country have no intention of returning home.

A further 18 per cent would rather move to another country than return to Zimbabwe. ZimTrending came across a chat thread on Linkedin by a renowned HR practitioner with the question:

“If you are in the diaspora now, Would you come back if you were to get a job in Zimbabwe right now?

Most of the responses were supporting the fact of not coming back unless they are coming back to work for an NGO Company where their investments are taken to Off-Shore Accounts.

“I did after 13 years out, but left in 2014, only lasted 4 years. Will only do it again, if working for an international company paying me out of their offshore account into my offshore account and locally then get bush allowances in hard currency.” said Simbarashe T

In another comment, issues of availability of basic amenities such as electricity and clean water were one of the terrifying issues keeping our fellow Zimbabweans away from home.

i love electricity and clean tap water.i am.not coming back until there is uninterrupted electricity said a bussiness developer.

Zimbabwe a place without electricity and clean water. Nyika yekugara urimuraini refuel no i wont come back said another

A global Recruitment Agent commented that most of the time Zimbabweans come back to gain experience and go back again to start afresh in the diaspora

I have recruited diaspora candidates (recent grads) for local roles for the past few years. From my experience, most of the diaspora candidates are attracted by Global NGOs and hope to gain the exposure of supporting projects in low to medium in-countries (Africa-South East Asia) etc.

Also with the fact that they get the USD value package (salary, retirement benefits), they save offshore for future use. So they work 3-5 years and once they have gained experience they are eager to go abroad because their experience working in low resource settings is required by most Global NGOs at middle to senior level roles.

Others work 2-3 years and go back for Masters in diaspora, and are still eager to come back for middle to senior level roles for more experience.
Those that stay in Zim seem to get opportunities easily within the NGO sector because of their exposure…………..

I have noticed that they come back gain experience and savings with the intention of going back at some point, especially if they don’t have assets in Zim.

A business developer ended the conversation with words of wisdom:

So long you are making your nest at home, knowing fully well that you will return sooner than you think. Home is in us, even as cadavers, we will want to come home. Sweat your opportunities wherever you are, when its time, your clock will tell and you will come home. 

Never say never. Yeah, I came back 5 years ago when I got an opportunity. My diaspora experience was mostly rat race, where one works to sustain life so that you can work work work and the system can be very unforgiving suppose you falter.

Will I ever go back to the diaspora, only if I’m working towards a specific target like raising capital for something or bumping my children college fund but not open-ended stay.

Since 2000, a lot of Zimbabweans have left the country in search of greener pastures elsewhere. This includes professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, and teachers.

The most popular destinations for these Zimbabwean emigrants have been South Africa, UK, Australia, USA and Canada. Zimbabweans in the diaspora have generally been praised for their positive work ethic.

Recently, a number of Zimbabweans were filmed border jumping into SA after the festive holidays. 

Zimbabwean’s flocking Beitbridge border post going back to South Africa after the festive holidays

What are your thoughts on this? If you are in the diaspora will you consider coming back? If you are in Zimbabwe would you relate to what the people in the diaspora are saying?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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