Chief Mugabe of Masvingo Rural has banned the selling of traditional beer after six in his area.

The final straw to this decision was after a poisoning incident that occurred at a beer drink in his area.

He said a lot of criminal activities and adultery happens at Ndaris. More importantly, he said the Ndaris revellers make a lot of noise which disturb studying children at home.

Moreover, Chief Mugabe has put in place a law to control the price of beer and force anyone who brews traditional beer to give free booze to the village head is called musumo in Shona.

The law will also require everyone who brews beer to have a licence.

I will therefore with immediate effect by enforcing the law that barns the selling of beer after 6 pm.said Chief Mugabe

Some 25 years ago, Chief Jambezi of Hwange banned 7 days brewing without Chief’s permission as a response to numerous beer drink murders. This drastically reduced murders in his area.

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