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“Tunga” Involved In An Accident

Takura “Tunga” Kachambwa, the main character on award-winning ZBC TV drama series Tunga, was involved in a car accident in Borrowdale on Tuesday evening.

Tunga, who was coming from Robert Mugabe International Airport to drop off his cousin heading to Switzerland, had his Honda CRV damaged.

In an interview with H-Metro, Tunga said he was trying to overtake a lorry, but ended up hitting its trailer as it turned. “I was trying to overtake a lorry which was in front of me, little did I know that it was turning.”

The actor sustained a minor hand injury. He said a wristwatch he was given as a present was damaged during the accident.

“I had pain on my hand, but the thing that actually hurt me most was losing my watch which was a gift from a very good friend of mine.

“It’s also sad that people who tried to jump from the back of the lorry were injured.

“My car has a full insurance cover so if the injured need medical attention it’s okay,” said Tunga.

Tunga Involved In Accident!
On set…

The actor said he had dreamt of the accident before it happened. “The funny part is that I actually dreamt about it, but I just ignored it when I woke up, I didn’t bother praying about it “.I dreamt of the police writing me a report at an accident scene, but I laughed it off when I woke up.

“This is not the first time dreaming of what conies to pass. So from this time onwards, I will take my dreams seriously,” he said.

He, however, believes it was the work of evil spirits. “Pakafamba mhepo apa, but anyway Mwari muhombe and the good part is vakazviratidza because there was no loss of life.

Maaccidents yeah they happen, I once had another one in 2015, at that time I was driving a Toyota Mark II ndakangodhumwawo ndakazvimirirawo imagine.

“So haa handichavhunduke, all I know is God is my banner and my protector and indeed he is protecting me.”


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