We went to the Botanical garden. Charles wanted us to stroll around the garden- said he wanted to stretch his legs and breathe in some fresh air. I loved it too. Far from the madding crowd.

We walked around for a while, catching up on his work and a bit about my college life. Then we found a spot to sit and relax for a bit. I knew this was my cue to explain. But I didn’t know where to start.

‘Thank you, it’s quite lovely out here.’ I said.
‘Somehow, I knew you would like this. it’s so peaceful.’
‘I see, but right now my mind is on a rollercoaster.’
‘Well, you must have noticed I am pregnant yet you haven’t said anything or asked any questions.’
‘I just figured out that if you had something to say , you were going to say it at your own time.’
‘I see,’
‘when you are ready you will tell me’
‘ I am kind of ready, it’s just best anyway that you know instead of keeping you in the dark, well I was on cloud nine and I found myself falling hard on concrete. I felt how gravity hurts because I fell from a high place.’
‘I was in a relationship and I become pregnant. So James, the man responsible is nowhere to be found.’
‘But does he know?’
‘He does, he knows. Made promises but he didn’t man up to them.’
‘Am sorry, but hey time cures more than a doctor.’
‘Am trying to work with what’s there. I can’t really say much but that is how it stands. I haven’t heard from him from a while.’
‘I am so sorry that you have to go through all this. Last time I met you, I had no idea that you were pregnant. I was a bit taken aback when I saw you in the car park. But I knew I had to hear the story. I guess now I get the picture the fact that I liked you then doesn’t change. I still like you.’
‘I hear you but am so messed up,’

‘You are not, you are a wonderful person. You are just in an unfortunate situation. But that doesn’t change the person in you. I don’t want to rush you into anything that you are not ready for.’
‘Thank you.’
‘I have patience; will wait until you are ready. We can just hang out. I want to be there for you.’
‘Hang out with a pregnant me?’
‘Why not?’
‘If you aren’t going to be shy about it.’
‘Very well my lady, let me showcase that I am true to my word by taking you for supper. A proper meal cause I know you.’

‘Ice cream would have been fine.’ I teased him.
‘I will hear none of that.’ He said as we walked to the car. I guess no matter what was going to happen, this time I was going into it with eyes wide open. I didn’t want to be led to the river like a horse.
Supper would be nice. The rest of the day flowed more easily after we had talked. It was good getting to open up. Another hurdle jumped…I surely could use a shoulder…

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