Business Idea Part 5: Project & Investment Management for Zimbabweans In The Diaspora

Business Overview

According to the World Bank, there are more than 3.5 million Zimbabweans living in the diaspora.

These diasporans remit over $1Billion USD yearly. That’s a lot of money.

This means Zimbabweans are investing back home in different sectors like transport, real estate, mining, farming etc. Most of this money is handled by ‘trusted’ family members and friends.

Unfortunately, many a time these funds are abused by these trusted allies. You have probably heard of someone who would have been remitting money back home for years only to be disappointed and heartbroken when they come back to find out that the funds have been misused and abused. 


In light of this, one of us can create a company called ( Zimbabwe-Diaspora Project and Investment Management Consultancy). This would be a consulting company specialising in advisory on investments and management of projects for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora. 


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What you need to start Project & Investment Management for Diasporans

– a registered company (find out how to register one here.)
a nostro trust bank
– project management expertise
– High levels of transparency
– an office

Projects you can start and manage for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora:

– Construction of houses/schools etc
– Farming projects
– Company registration and management
– Transportation business management
– The list is endless, your success in this business will mostly depend on your efficiency, transparency and referrals.

How to market the business

– Facebook, Twitter, email marketing will work best for this business. Facebook will be very critical. You can run sponsored ads targetting Zimbabweans in the diaspora. (You will need the expertise to do this though otherwise, you can lose money on the ads. A great idea would be to engage experts in this field like Tay Digital)  

How to make money from this business 

– you can charge a % of the total inputs as your income, for instance, a house cost $50000 USD you can charge 8% for your services
– you can charge an administration fee for your advisory services
– you can advocate getting shares if it is a company that you are managing on behalf of someone in the diaspora.
– you can get share profits
– you can get perpetual returns during the lifetime of the project.

Taylor Chiyangwa

Taylor Chiyangwa

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