Girls High School student writes a touching letter on how teachers and Headmistress are ill-treating them.

Recently teachers and school executives have been criticized for the way they are now conducting their works on students and running the school as well.

Parents are complaining about the way schools are being run nowadays. Maybe it could be that they are being underpaid but the way they are just executing their jobs is not good at all, it’s now below standard.

A Girls High student has written a letter complaining about the ill-treatment of students being witnessed at the school. Check a heart touching letter she wrote that has since gone viral on social media

I’m complaining about how our school teachers and the headmistress are treating us they treat us like we are animals at school…I went to the headmistress’ office because of something that I had done so I got in the office the headmistress didn’t even give me time to explain my story she was already calling me Hure and that I would get sick one day to my surprise I hadn’t even talked to her …they keep records and use them against you but they say we should learn to forget yet they are harassing us ..the boarding side isn’t getting enough food they have a false menu that they show the inspectors….the headmistress looks down upon a lot of students

Please help us ……

Girls High Harare

source Mbare Times

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