Netone new data bundles

NetOne has introduced a new hourly bundle known as the AmaSixty60 bundle.

NetOne spokesperson Eldrette Shereni said the innovation was premised at increasing internet access to the company’s consumers. Shereni said:

The ‘hourly bundle’ affectionately known as the ‘AmaSixty60 Bundle’ is a service we have introduced on our platforms, that is the *171# menu and the OneMoney platform under bundle purchases, to empower our customers with accessibility to the worldwide web.

Shereni added that the company’s OneMoney, a mobile money transfer platform, extended the “Zero-Tariff Promotion” and also launched the “School Fees for Less Promotion” that has seen parents and students receiving a percentage of the money paid towards school fees through OneMoney, back on their mobile accounts

Subscribers are being given one gigabyte for $10 and NetOne customers who have already used the service say that “AmaSixty60 Bundle” is a relief for them as the package is affordable and gives them more time on the internet.

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