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Mai Titi Pledges Support For Olinda Chapel On Her HIV Status

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Socialite and comedian Mai Titi has come out in full support of Olinda Chapel after her ex husband Tytan confirmed that Olinda is HIV positive on the Rumbidzai Show.

The socialite has reached out to Olinda giving her full support so that she would be able to deal with this situation as now people have started viewing her differently just because she is HIV positive.

Mai Titi has promised to be there for Olinda even though their relationship is a bit rocky but she says that won't stop her because she is the same situation, they have the same sickness.

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The comedian has urged people to stop discrimination of people who are HIV Positive without themselves having been tested and has also educated people on the importance of using protection to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.


Shocking: Tytan Goes to Social Media To Expose Olinda Chapel's HIV Status

Olinda Chapel Speaks Back On Tytan “I am Going to Reveal Everything Today it is Independence Day for me Because no Weapon Formed up Against Me will Prevail Over Me.”

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