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Amara Brown – Tichichema Lyrics

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After breaking the news of Amara Brown's new single ‘Tichichema', there were requests on the song's lyrics. Being the third single of Ammara's sophomore album Flaming Lily, the song is set out to touch the hearts of everyone who's ever loved someone with a broken spirit, here are the lyrics. Enjoy!



It's past midnight
You walking in to start a fight
This is your life
Day in and out drinking all night
You keep me scared
Wondering where you are out there
And its not fair
Soon you'll be pulling on my hair


You beat me
Saying you're sorry then you need me

You beat me
Breaking your promises to leave me
Whats in that beers blocking you from the love in here
It's too late I fear cuz you won't see clear


While we wait for you
Ah we cry for you
While we wait for you
Ah we pray for you
Tichichema- ah ah ah x4


He's just a boy
How is he meant to drown the noise
You raise your voice
Hell in our home
Where is our choice
You raise your hands
Wondering why he lives in fear
And it's not fair
Growing up drowning in his tears

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You beat me
Is this the legacy you're leaving
You beat me
Is this the love you couldn't teach me
What's in that beer's blocking you from the love in here
And how I pray that you will see clear





Ndazvibvira ndazvibvira kwauri
Wandirasa x2
There is no more more more
No more more more I can take x2
There's a demon living in you
I can't get it out x2
It is your your your yours
Your your yours left to fight
It is your your your yours
your your your yours I cryyyyy





Baba zvanyanya (Wo-wo-wo)
Tichaona mangwana (Wo-wo-wo-wo) X4


You can play the video below and sing along

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