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Chicken Inn Couple Weds in Style

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Chicken Inn couple white wedding

The Chicken Inn couple, Makhosana Mguni and Belinda Nyoni finally had a white wedding on the 26th of December 2019.

The wedding was conducted under the hashtags #iCoupleYabantu and #MakhoWedsBelinda

The couple wedded at the Grand Vista Events Centre, exactly a year after Makhosana went on bended knee proposing to Belinda for her hand in marriage. 

Initially, Makhosana was mocked for this gesture, but when Chicken Inn endorsed him and his partner, the whole country fell in love with the couple and they became overnight celebrities. 

A lot of people scrambled to sponsor their wedding and the hashtag #ChickenInnCouple trended for days. 

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In April this year, the couple held their traditional wedding where Makhosana paid an undisclosed amount as bride price before setting December 26 as the date for their white wedding.

Makhosana's suit for the wedding was bought by Pride Tendy, a Zimbabwean based in Turkey. 

There was tight security at the wedding which was strictly by invitation with entertainment set provided by Khaya Arts. Bkay from Skyz Metro FM and Dr Nyasha Bkay were the MCs.


Asked if those who pledged to assist them with their wedding came through, Makhosana said some did while others did not. Chicken Inn which made the couple their brand ambassadors pledged to sponsor their honeymoon, something Makhosana said the fast-food outlet was honouring.

Chicken Inn Couple White Wedding

Some people on Twitter were complaining that Chicken inn overdid it with the advertising on the wedding day. some of the tweets are quoted below.

Eishhh this on some level is kinda wrong….second frame. Hameno maybe its me but the fact yekuti chicken sponsored the whole thing.. for me i will feel alienated from my own wedding

chicken inn over did it with the advertising

The photo up is all wrong, there are better ways to brand place and still tell people the wedding was sponsored by chicken inn


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