Call For Well Wishers to Donate For Cecilia

We are calling out for donations for Cecilia an accident victim which have crumbled her life.

Her Story

This young lady here is in desperate need of our help. She was involved in an accident on her way from Botswana. She is the only person who survived in that accident which left her with paralyzed lower limbs and is living with a catheter.

She stayed at Parirenyatwa for 6 months and after hospitalization, life was never the same. She ended up moving from Harare to stay in Gutu with her grandmother and her 9-year-old daughter who she is struggling with school fees, uniforms, books and other school stuff.

She says the father of her child left when the child was 1 month old and she worked hard to take care of her as a cross-border until she was involved in an accident.

Cecilia also says that due to her condition, she doesn’t feel if she wants to relieve herself hence everything is done on that wheelchair and the granny cleans her up.

She also washes the rags she used during her period and washes bedding every now and again because Cecilia developed bed sores in the hospital which are not healing.

May we please help her with catheters, adult pampers, disposable sanitary wear, soap and anything that we can including the items on the flyer. Please share this so that this family can get more help. thank you!


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