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Sisters Struck By A Bizarre Sickness

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Beitbridge sisters have been struck down by a disease that causes that caused their tummies to swell.

The two sisters Barbra (34) and Prisca Chityanga (26) are said to have a rare disease as Barbra has been told that her tummy is filled with a liquid whilst Priscac's is filled with air.

Barbra's tummy started swelling in 2016 and they thought that she was pregnant but her sickness was later confirmed when she visited Beitbridge District hospital, where her medical reports indicated that her condition was complicated.

She was referred to Parirenyatwa Hospital as the swelling continued to the extent that her situation was so bad that sometimes she would just fall.

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Prisca's tummy started swelling when she moved from Chipinge to Beitbridge so that she could look after her unwell sister.

Barbra is married to Worship Imbayago and they have three children who are not going to schools the parents are failing to raise their school fees, and they have no money for Barbra to travel to Parirenyatwa for further medical examinations.

The two sisters are appealing for help.

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