Last month Zim trending reported of a teacher who was caught stealing green maize. The teacher was later helped by Mudiwa.

Again, events have repeated themselves as another victim is caught.

There is a video circulating on social media of three thieves who have been caught stealing green maize cobs and forced to eat it raw.

In the video the thieve are nabbed and the owner of the farm recognize them as these who sell roasted green maize cobs.

The three thieves can be seen eating raw maize cobs, arguing with each other, with one refusing that he was not around when the maize cobs were stolen but was just a supplier.

These are one of the unlucky ones to the caught, but the act of stealing maize cobs has grown rampant in the country especially in this rainy season.

However, the location of the place these thieves were caught stall yet to be uncovered. stay tuned for more.

Below is the Video

By Philomina

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