Harare City Council has refuted claims by the family of Zororo Makamba,  that Wilkins Hospital contributed to the death of the 30-year-old journalist.

Zororo is Zimbabwe’s first officially acknowledged coronavirus death victim.

Makamba family had claimed, among other things, that there is no water and medication at Wilkins Hospital, Harare’s institution designated for infectious diseases.

We present below Harare City Council’s twitter thread which is a response to the claims and comments which are being made on social media over the matter.

Harare City Council challenges anyone with information on council officials at Wilkins Hospital who demanded money and equipment from the Makamba family. We state categorically that our staff never made any such demands and that they did all they could to save Zororo‘s life.

The Mayor, cllrs and management join the Makamba family in mourning Zororo. One life lost is too many. We, however, feel there are desktop commentators with no idea what the inside of Wilkins looks like who are commenting based on false information.

Ladies and gentlemen lets focus our energies on what we can do as a nation to manage the further spread of COVID -19. Name-calling and pouring out anger will just keep us in one place. Together we will perish if we do not proffer solutions.

Sockets are there. Remember there are round and square sockets. So if one brings a different type there is always that concern.

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