President Mnangagwa is heard in a video circulating on social media asking the Minister of Health, Dr Obadiah Moyo why some individuals present had no face masks.

Speaking in Shona, a native Zimbabwean language, Mnangagwa asked if it was safe for them to do so. Below is a loose translation of what he said:

Why is is that those people do not have face masks. Is it safe not to wear masks?


Watch the video below for more.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the wearing of protective masks to reduce the spread and transmission of the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, there is a huge shortage of masks and other equipment, globally, which is used to fight the virus. Resultantly, the majority of the people, particularly in poor countries are not adhering to some of the WHO recommendations.

Reports suggest that a number of health caregivers around the world have contracted coronavirus and some have died as they worked without gloves and other protective clothes.

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