The Ministry of Health and Child Care has noted that only 101 PCR tests were done in one day in Bulawayo.

Of All the tests only one came out positive bring the number of Covid-19 cases in Zimbabwe to 29.

The same detainees in Bulawayo are sharing 3 boxes of condoms.They are more concerned with preventive HIV& AIDS that Coronavirus


Ministry of Health and Child Care CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE: 23 APRIL 2020

The Ministry would like to report that of the 101 PCR tests done in Bulawayo on the 22nd of April 2020, one was positive for COVID-19.

Today, a total of 460 tests were done as detailed in table 1 below, giving a total of 5 450 screening and diagnostic tests done to date.

Therefore, to date, Zimbabwe has twenty-nine confirmed cases, including two recoveries and four deaths.

Distribution of tests done today
Mash. West – 26
Mat. North – 29
Manicaland – 29
Masvingo – 10
Mash. East – 23
Mash. Central – 11
Mat. South – 60
Midlands – 46
Harare – 70
Bulawayo – 156
TOTALS – 460

Number of confirmed cases to date
Matabeleland North – 1
Bulawayo – 11
Harare – 12
Mashonaland East – 4
Mashonaland West – 1
Total – 29

All the PCR tests done in Harare and Bulawayo today were negative for COVID-19.

More details on the latest case of COVID-19 diagnosed in Bulawayo to follow.

The Ministry continues to be on HIGH alert to the COVID-19 pandemic and would like to remind the nation that, the most effective ways to protect yourself and others against COVID-19 are to practise good personal hygiene and exercise social distancing.

For assistance, please call the COVID-19 tollfree hotline number: 2019.

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN ALERT! Stay at Home. Don’t Travel.

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