The Ministry of Health and Child Care released a Coronavirus Update yesterday announcing that Zimbabwe now has 5 confirmed cases of Covid-19 including 1 death.

The Ministry reported that of the 65 samples which were tested by the Microbiology Reference Laboratory yesterday two of these tested positive for Covid-19.

In its Covid-19 update the Ministry advised the nation that the third case which was reported on the 25th was admitted yesterday for treatment and is under lsolation at Beatrice Infectious Diseases Hospital, but remains in stable condition.

The Microbiology Reference Laboratory is said to have conducted 165 tests of suspected Covid-19 cases and 159 of those were negative whilst 5 of those tested positive and had 1 inclusive result.

The Ministry stated that the report which was given by WHO on the 25th says that it has recorded more than 410 000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 cases and more than 18 000 deaths have have been reported globally as the European Region has reported the highest number of confirmed cases and death of more than 220 000 and 11 000 respectively

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