Starting Mon 30 March 2020 – total lockdown for 21 days, subject to review, except for critical movement of goods, operation of key utilities I.e power and water

National command element of security deployed to compliment civilian efforts

Funerals exempted but numbers should be less than 50

Motorists seeking to refuel will not be allowed to leave vehicles

Only food stalls will be allowed to operate, none food stalls will be closed

Public transport will be stopped except for ZUPCO and PSC, however social distancing to be observed

Since information is key, Amin Of Health and Min of Info directed to work together.

2019 toll free hotline number

To expedite testing and diagnostics, centralized at Provincial level

Business People and international partners given thanks

The tasks at hand are massive, all hands on deck. Unity of purpose, peace, solidarity and compassion encouraged

Government will come down heavily on those unscrupulous businesses

Legal instruments being put in place to deal with and punish those who case alarm and despondency on social media

Business encouraged to support employees

Act responsibly and take hygiene seriously

H.E concludes his remarks

H.E is now fielding Questions

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