Simbisa Brands, the company behind the brands Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Nandos and Steers has laid off some contract workers and all students on attachment as a measure to cut costs.

The company has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that has forced Zimbabwe into a lockdown situation.

Low revenue levels

The company said it does not have enough revenue to pay salaries. Some of the few restaurants that are open are only operating from 9am to 1pm on a takeaway basis and such revenue cannot sustain operations.

Students on attachment

The company has informed its employee that it will not be paying attachment allowances to students on attachment.

Contract workers

All contract workers hired from December 2019 will be laid off, the company said in an internal circular.

Forced leave

The remaining workers are required to go on leave whether they have a leave balance or not. The company has allowed leave days to go into the negative as a result of taking more leave days than one has.

Freezing vacant posts

The company has frozen all vacant posts and will not be filled until further notice

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