Controversial Masvingo based church leader, Isaac Makomichi has threatened to strike a traditional healer from Zaka with blindness for denigrating contemporary prophets.

According to social media reports the traditional healer openly denounced present day prophets.

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Last week, the n’anga reportedly threatened to cast a bad spell on “prophets” in Zimbabwe.The n’anga is originally from Malawi, according to social media reports.

In a statement on Monday, Makomichi, known as the Lion of Witches by his followers, warned that the n’anga “should stop playing with fire.”

“In the book of Acts we read about a sorcerer who was struck with blindness.Apostle Paul declared that the man would be blind and it happened just like that.

I would like to say the n’anga is playing with fire.

I have the spiritual authority and power to pronounce blindness on him.

The bible says, touch not the anointed one…,” said Makomichi.

However, a church leader based in Masvingo said :
“I think the fight will be very difficult.To be frank, the showdown may not be necessary after all. I know that he (Makomichi) is a great preacher but I strongly feel there is no need for him to concentrate on petty issues.Church leaders must not fall for the devil’s tricks.”

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