The game of buttocks.

We all know women hold parties and sessions where they teach each other to spice up things in their bedrooms.

Bedroom parties have become quite the norm in Zimbabwe these days, with many ladies paying up to be tutored on how to please their men in bed and outside of it.

Although the original Chinamwali concept doesn’t just involve bedroom gymnastics, it was seen more as a rite of passage once the girl child hit puberty.

She was to be taken to the elderly woman of the village known as Anankungwi and confined for 7 days, where she would be counseled and prepared for adulthood as a female.

The topics covered from menstrual hygiene, respect and good manners, abstinence from premarital sex, respect of parents’ bedroom, household chores and how to conduct themselves with their husbands once they get married.

At the end of the initiation, the girl’s hair would be shaved, including pubic hair.

The market in Zimbabwe is awash with indian bedroom sweets which are said to enhance s#x.

Today’s man is spoilt for choice with the availability of everything from traditional local herbs, imported versions like ‘Vhuka Vhuka’ and the Viagra generics freely available on the black market.

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