Vendors and farmers are reportedly trading in the dead of the night because of transport shortages.

The informal traders are having a hard time commuting to get to farmers’ markets since kombies have been banned to ferry passengers. Municipal officials are reportedly being bribed to let trading take place during these hours.

Vendors are having a hard time finding transport to go to their selling points after buying stuff from farmers because ZUPCO is currently overwhelmed with commuters. This has resulted in farmers and vendors trading at night where they can make their own transport arrangements without being intercepted by the police.

Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation director Mr. Samuel Wadzayi confirmed the night tradings and said the association does not support the lockdown restrictions violation:

Yes we are aware of such deals but we do not support that. We urge all our members to comply with the guidelines issued by the Government in fighting Covid-19. We believe such offenses are committed because of hunger. The promised cushioning funds are taking too long and engaging in illegal night transactions may be attributed to desperation on the part of vendors,

When contacted for comment Harare City Council corporate communications manager Mr Michael Chideme said farmers were not allowed to sell their wares before 5 AM, however unsupervised municipal night guards were allowing the trading to take place.

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