A nurse from Cowdray Park Suburb and three patients have tested positive for COVID-19 at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo.

One of the three patients is a resident of the Pumula suburb who went to Mpilo with flu and after testing, the results were COVID-19 positive.

Mpilo acting chief executive officer Dr. Solwayo Ngwenya said that the nurse was sent home to self-isolate while the three others are admitted to the hospital since the city’s isolation centers, Ekusileni and Thorngrove, are under rehabilitation. He said:

At least four people tested positive for Covid-19 by PCR testing which is diagnostic and this caused a lot of fear amongst staff. However, we have managed to talk to health workers and emphasize the importance of our continued commitment in the fight against coronavirus.

At the moment there is one health worker that has been sent home and others are patients who had come to the hospital. One person had come in from the community and they had come with a minor illness and ended up testing positive.

It is possible that one positive case may represent more than 10 infections which are yet to be discovered, Dr. Ngwenya added.

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