Media Houses Lay Off Some Of Their Staff Members Due To Economic Hardships

Various media houses in the country have let go of some of their staff members due to COVID-19 induced economic hardships.

Here is a list of publications that have let go of their stuff during the lockdown.

  1. Business Times on Friday retrenched senior staff, with the company said to be facing severe economic strain.
  2. Daily News on Friday laid off three staff members with the employees being told the company could no longer afford their services.
  3. Zimpapers laid off scores of its employees including stringers who were earning ZWL$15 per story published

A journalist from Zimpapers who spoke on condition of anonymity said:

It’s just as good as there are no salaries. They have been wiped by inflation and are not keen on increasing that’s why they are comfortable with people working at home. Take home for journos now between ZWL$2000 (US$33) and ZWL$2500 (US$41).

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