Female Police Officer Accuses Boss Of Attempted Rape After She Was Caught Taking A Bribe

A female officer Melody Tsika was reportedly seen by her boss taking bribes from a motorist on Friday in Norton at the 39 km peg along Harare-Bulawayo highway were the police officers were had a roadblock.

According to police papers,  Tsika was seen accepting a bribe by her boss Superitendant Johannes Gove who disembarked from a vehicle he was travelling in and walked towards the suspect.

The suspect saw her boss and ran in a nearby bush Govo gave a chase and eventually caught her.

While in the bush Tsikai assaulted her boss several times with open hands before screaming for help shouting that her boss wanted to rape her.

Other police officers came and refrained the two who were manhandling each other.

Govo reported the matter at Norton police station under RRB number 4419534 while Tsikai also filed an attempted rape charge.

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