Government Set To Resolve The Dire Fuel Crisis

The government is set to resolve the dire fuel that has seen the resurfacing of extra-long queues in some parts of the country.

This new development was revealed by NOIC chair Engineer McKenzie Ncube who said that 3 agencies, NOCZIM, ZERA, and RBZ were working hard to resolve the crisis that is seeing motorists sleeping in fuel queues:

We are working tirelessly to resolve the fuel problem in the country. The RBZ is also making foreign currency allocations and the situation will soon stabilize.

The fuel which we had was not enough as more people went back to work, but the Government is allocating more foreign currency to improve the situation

ZERA CEO Eddington Mazambani said there was enough fuel at Mabvuku, Masasa, and Tafara depots and it will be released if a payment is made.

There is adequate fuel at the Msasa, Mabvuku, and Mutare depots, which can be released by the international traders as soon as payment is done.

The government is making huge strides in releasing the money to buy the fuel. We want to go back to the situation where we were before the coronavirus lockdown (in March). Although there was a shortage, most service stations had fuel.

However, Indigenous Petroleum Association of Zimbabwe (IPAZ) chairperson Mr. Aaron Chinhara said the government should stop the fuel subsidy and allow independent fuel importers to import fuel:

The RBZ should stop subsidizing fuel and allow private players to buy and sell fuel. The other challenge is that if we buy fuel in US dollars we are charged excessive duty. We appeal to the Government to review the duty on fuel. I bought 358 000 litres of petrol at US$150 000 and was charged US$169 000 duty. That is too steep and it affects the fuel supplies.

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