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Zimbabweans Approach Harare City Council To Rename US Embassy Road After George Floyd

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Some Zimbabweans have approached Harare City Council suggesting that they rename the US Embassy road after George Floyd who was killed by a police officer in the US last month.

Zimbabwe Citizens Forum represented by Taurai Gakanje Kandishaya and Broad Alliance Against Sanctions spoke to the publication and said:

In memory of brother Floyd who was killed in a gruesome manner, we have decided to rename Flame Lily Way to George Floyd Street. It the road that passes through the American Embassy.

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We need to keep reminding the Americans that they have innocent blood on their hands, that there is fresh blood on their hands, that they have the blood of a black person on their hands.

As a tribute to Floyd whom we believe his murder marks the end of all forms of oppression, discrimination and racism, his death has freed us.

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