Boarding schools have started to receive June examintions candidates sitting for ordinary and advanced level examinations, as the government gets ready to tests teachers who will be invigilating the examinations before they start work.

The Primary and Secondary Education Minister Cain Mathema said:

We are going to do everything that is required by WHO to ensure the safety of teachers and learners,” he said. There is going to be thorough screening and testing of teachers and learners to ensure they are safe. Our main aim is not to expose our learners and invigilators to Covid-19 hence our commitment to adhering to the High Court order

When asked about the safety procedures to be adhered to in boarding schools, Mathema said:

This is an issue that was not announced overnight, instead the President made the proclamation about a month ago and this caters for all schools be it public, private or boarding schools, so school authorities were thus expected to have made the necessary arrangements for their learners.

Mathema said the government will not entertain any leave applications and urged all critical staff to report for duty in preparation for the examinations.

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