The Industry and Commerce Minister Sekesai Nzenza announced that the government has raised the roller meal subsidy from $73.90 to $216.15.

This was revealed in a statement:

Cognisant of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government is committed to ensuring that the prices of basic commodities, especially roller meals, should remain within the reach of the vulnerable.

Nzenza also said the government will continue to review the subsidy while consulting stakeholders. GMAZ on another note welcomed the new subsidy with open arms. GMAZ spokesperson Garikai Chaunza spoke to the publication and said:

GMAZ welcomes the decision by the Government to extend the subsidy programme, especially during this lockdown period.

The announcement of the review of the subsidy announced by the minister, however, captures costs as at before 8 June, and we, on Wednesday 10 June, submitted current costing(s) and computations for a further upward review of the subsidy.

We are happy that the Minister is committed to engaging the industry and we confirm that we have cordial relations with her ministry, which is our parent ministry and all the government departments.

Mealie meal shortages have disadvantaged consumers who are buying mealie meal from retailers who are selling it in US Dollars or the prevailing black market rate for those who want to pay using the local currency.

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