ZUPCO Fares rise
ZUPCO Fares rise

ZUPCO has fired some of its bus conductors after being caught in yet another scam this time involving under-declaring their daily takings and pocketing the balance.

The parastatal staffers have reportedly corrupted the electronic payment system and they are conniving to under-declare their daily takings and both drivers, conductors and cashiers are part of the scheme.

The scandal was confirmed by the ZUPCO CEO Mr Evaristo Madangwa who said they have fired some conductors over the scandal:

It is true. Many conductors have since been relieved of their duties because of this shocking scandal. Investigations are ongoing as we try to establish the chain involved,

We do not have figures of the potential revenue that we have been prejudiced. However, indications are that we might have lost millions of dollars since the introduction of the cashless system last year. The final audit results will give us a clear indication.

ZUPCO was rocked by a similar scandal last year.

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