80-year-old Solomon Mungofa was found hanging from a mango tree in his backyard in Tsikirai Village under Chief Nyamandi in Gutu on Monday when he was due to return to the court of the self-styled prophet Showen Zinge popularly known as Tsikamutanda to surrender his alleged tools of trade.

Witchcraft accusations are outlawed in Zimbabwe.

Masvingo Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula said that she was yet to get the report.

The deceased’s nephew Kingsley Tinarwo confirmed the suicide. He disputed allegations that his uncle was assaulted or tortured by Zinge and he said that the late voluntarily confessed to witchcraft.

Patrick Chagwiza who is Chief Nyamandi said he was waiting for a report from his headman before he took action. He said he heard that the man died over issues to do with a prophet.

Sources said the deceased’s relatives pressured him to visit Zinge’s court at Rasha Shrine where he was allegedly assaulted and pushed into thorns to pressure him into admitting to witchcraft.

Zinge accused Mungofa of bewitching his two grandchildren.

When contacted for comment Zinge said the deceased freely confessed to witchcraft and undertook to go back home and bring his artifacts to the prophet.

Zinge disputed allegations that he shoved the late into thorns and assaulted him.

Sources said Mungofa committed suicide because he shuddered at the idea of going back to Zinge’s court where he feared to go through the same ordeal that he went through.

Tinarwo said his uncle handed over some of his juju artifacts to Zinge at the court.

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