A woman who had an arrest warrant for possession of crack cocaine is handcuffed in South Los Angeles, November 12, 2008. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

A Gweru-based Co-founder of Pray Deliverance and Testimony Ministries International Church, Juliet Masakanire, was arrested for sexually harassing a female congregant, inserting her finger in the church member`s private parts while pretending to be a man.

The prophetess and church leader was reportedly arrested for allegedly fondling, kissing, and inserting her fingers in the private parts of a female congregant that she had accommodated temporarily while she sought a place to stay.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident saying the matter came to light when the complainant, a 32-year-old Gweru woman, reported the incident to a church mate, and they both reported the matter to church elders.

“We have arrested the accused Juliet Masakanire after a female congregant whom she stayed with filed a sexual assault report against her,” said Inspector Goko.

He said the woman of cloth had offered the complainant accommodation for a few days as she was looking for a place to stay.

“Sometime during the month of January, Masakanire temporarily accommodated the complainant as she was still looking for a house to rent.

“While staying together, Masakanire gave the complainant a prophecy that she was going to get married to a man named Stanley Chinyonga,” he said.

Inspector Goko said Masakanire would speak to the complainant alleging that she was Chinyonga

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