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Most fuel services stations in Harare are reportedly rejecting local currency in favour of the United States dollars for fuel payment, which is a total violation of a government directive on dual pricing of fuel.

ZimTrending learned from ZBC News that in Harare fuel attendants at Zuva service station in Eastlea are only accepting payment in US dollars, and the news crew reportedly failed to redeem fuel coupons purchased before the current pricing model at Puma Service Station along Glenara Road.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) recently issued a press statement confirming the government’s position in respect of the dual pricing of the commodity.

The energy regulator said that fuel charged in local currency should be priced according to the prevailing RBZ foreign currency auction system rate.

Diesel is pegged at US$1.09 and ZWL$62.77 per litre, while petrol is priced at US$1.28 and ZWL$71.62 per litre.

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