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Service Stations Selling Fuel In forex Reduce Fuel Prices To Lure Clients Paying In Hard Currency

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Service stations have reduced their forex fuel prices, selling petrol at a maximum of $1.14 per litre and diesel for anything between $0.80 and $0.94. The government had previously set the price of diesel and petrol at $1.09 and $1.28 respectively.

When contacted for comment, ZERA CEO Eddington Mazambani said it was perfectly normal for dealers to sell their fuel for less than the gazetted price:

It is actually a good thing that operators charge lower prices as it shows that there is competition in the market.

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The regulator sets the maximum fuel prices and operators are allowed to charge prices lower than the maximum depending on their trading advantages which may include discounts from suppliers

Meanwhile, fuel sold in Zimdollars is still scarce with extra-long queue being spotted in some parts of the country.

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