mai titi

Socialite and comedian Mai Titi and Madam Boss are at each other’s throats again as Mai Titi recently mocked Madam Boss on social media after she posted that she is now certified on Instagram and Facebook.

 These two socialites social media fights are not something new as Mai Titi recently came out guns blazing attacking Madam Boss when she had a fall out with Prophet Passion Java.

We all know Madam Boss and Prophet Passion Java are very close and Madam Boss benefits a lot from this relationship. We all think that this is why Mai Titi is not happy about. So when she Mai Titi had an altercation with Passion java she quickly mentions Madam Boss too and attacked her.

She even at some point claimed that Madam Boss together with Passion Java are in illuminating. She said if she was to die it would be because of these two.

Now she took a dig when Tyra Chikocho popularly known as Madam Boss announced and celebrated that she was now a certified Instagram and Facebook user. Check her post as she announced the news

And here is what Mai Titi posted soon after Tyra announced the news

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