Watch Video :Madzibaba Bond Perfoms Wonder Miracle, Changes Head Direction Of An Unborn Baby During Church Service

There was drama, chaos and disbelief as a popular white garment prophet in the area known as Madzibaba Bond did a wonder miracle. Many people especially now belive only Ministerial churches and Pentecostal churches has the only legit Prophets who can pull major miracles.

But the old generation which beliefs in God know or believe that White Garment prophets also posses power the same as or even more than Pentecostal prophets such as Prophet Magaya, Prophet Makandiwa or Prophet Uebert Angels, just to mention a few. The current most popular prophet in Harare right now who comes from these white garment churches is Madzibaba Steven.

He has been holding it down for the white garments prophets. He even has a program which he demonstrates his power and solve bizarre cases on Star FM. Weel he has competition now and it’s coming from Chitungwiza. Madzibaba Bond is gaining a big fan base and did pull his latest miracle which has made people go haywire and start to believe in him more. He turned around the head of an unborn baby. Below is the information on the miracle

Mashura pasowe ramadzibaba Bond nhumbu yanga yasvika 9 months mwana ari in wrong direction tarisa achichinjwa to right direction in Chitungwiza…

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