There are videos which are being shared widely on social media whiuch seem to have attracted the attention of Dendairy.

A customer bought dendairy milk which was bad and aproached dendairy for compensation.The company refused and this all started a manufacturer and consumer war.

The disoriented customer in anger then posted a number of videos in which he used the milk from Dendairy to clean his toilet and bicycles claiming that it the milk is not fit for any other purpose.  According to the videos, the milk which he bought has an expiration date of April 2020.

The company has since issued a statement insisting that the matter has been dealt with. The company also made it clear, that it is not entertaining the idea of paying compensation to the man in the videos.


Dendairy Speaks On Poisoning Claims 
Dendairy Speaks On Poisoning Claims


Below is the press statement from Dendairy which iHarare is publishing in full.


Dendairy is aware of videos in circulation made by an unhappy customer whose complaints we had attended to and resolved as public health and safety is our priority.

We offered to have the customer examined of any medical effects, the offer was not taken up.
Dendairy will not pay the USD$500 000 as demanded by the customer who has indicated that he will continue to post videos attacking Dendairy.

Dendairy takes all customer feedback seriously and will continue to offer affordable, good quality products. We take pride in our manufacturing systems that have been confirmed by globally recognized authorities and local regulatory bodies.

Dendairy Management


Dendairy Speaks On Poisoning Claims 
Dendairy Speaks On Poisoning Claims



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