Upcoming musician Van Choga (real name Valentine Simbarashe Choga) has dispelled a popular misconception that his energy which is witnessed on social media is fueled by drugs as he said he does not take any drugs. 

Van Choga was responding to the question about misconceptions that people have about him when he said:

That I am mad and I take drugs. I am a quiet guy who is uniquely doing art.

Van Choga also spoke about his new music and said:

 There is no rest my brother, time to rest will come later in life. For now, I have to work. I am doing more singles, which you can expect in August.

The star also spoke about local collaborations but refused to give out names and said people have to wait for his singles to drop to know their names. He also said there was no bad blood between him and fellow chanter Seh Calaz after the 2 parted ways last month.

Van Choga’s song Ghetto Rules featuring Ghana’s  Ay Poyoo was well received locally, garnering over 20 000 Youtube views 2 hours after it was released. 

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