For the benefit of those who need to know about this champion of hydroxychloroquine: First know that Stella Emmanuel is Cameroonian.

Some have claimed that she is Nigerian because she said “I attended medical school in West Africa, Nigeria”.

That was the first tip-off. An authentic Nigerian would not say anything like that.

Secondly, and as someone has already observed, if she indeed successfully treated 350 COVID patients, not only would her hospital and colleagues be eulogizing her, the lucky patients would be giving testimonies to anyone who would listen.

Then she talks about a study on a patient who had hiccups as if that is the only and defining study upon which the experts relied to issue their caution on hydroxychloroquine.

Tests were done in many countries and on many patients, hence the conclusion that this drug is not recommended for treating COVID-19 patients.

She also made a laughable claim about treating malaria patients with hydroxychloroquine. She may impress those who don’t know the difference between hydroxychloroquine and CHLOROQUINE, which is used in the treatment of malaria.

Another pointer to her less-than-honorable presentation is her denigration of other experts as fake! Dr. Sanjay Gupta is fake? I wonder where that came from.

Could it be the fact that Sanjay works for CNN which the audience of one she may have been playing to regards and addresses as fake? Just asking!
Finally, let me throw this in as a little window into her psyche in order to guess at her motivation.

Stella Emmanuel was a minister at the Mountain of Fire Ministries in Alexandria, Louisiana. It looks like she is of a certain political disposition and is a willing tool in the hands of some interested party with an agenda.

Otherwise, what was the role of those white people standing behind her? Why did she need them?

Please continue to stay safe – wear face cover, maintain social distancing, wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer if you are not able to wash your hands immediately.

Aluta continua!

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