Remember the famous mubobobo on which a man could sleep with a woman he saw on a bus or even whom he desired in the streets? The woman would wake up wet and feel someone slept with her or feel sexual sensations while the man would be tapping his foot and enjoying like he is having sex?

While this phenomenon which struck Zimbabwe exists one witchdoctor of Number 2 in Hwange Todius Kalawa has gone further to bring a picture of the person you want even if downloaded and you’ll dream of having sex the moment you apply a cream on your privates and also on the person picture.

“I have many clients man and women alike, I charge US$500 for the cream. The dream is different in that it is very real and you will wake up with all signs of a man exhausted in having sex. For the picture, you bring it the first day you pay and I do my incarnations and you go with it. When you want to have the experience smear the picture before you sleep it doesn’t matter the girl is someone you saw on Internet white, Chinese or whatever” boasted the grey-haired Kalawa

After tracking one of his clients who preferred anonymity he said “I went with a picture of an American celebrity Rihanna and every day she comes in my dreams and the sex is real that I do it when my wife is not around causing only time I did it when she was around she woke me up thinking I was now demon-possessed. It was really good”

The popularity of the charm shows how much men and women will go for sex in a country many are struggling and yet US$500 is separated with easy to enjoy carnal pleasures.

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