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Bob Marley Jam Was Present At Sikhala’s Press Conference Last Night

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*Zimbabwe United*
13 August 2020

*By Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala*
31st July Movement

I am coming back to you again dear Zimbabweans with a very important message. A major current adversity facing us as a people is the threat of disunity. There is an important and urgent need for all of us to come together through unquestionable unity and total loyalty to our cause as a people and as a nation.

NOW is the time for us to unite, regardless of our political affiliation, religion, social status or walk of life. Please just hug your neighbour or the person next to you and tell him or her that we are one united people, fighting together to save the lives and livelihoods for everyone for the sake of the wellbeing of our country.

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The challenges we are facing as a nation call upon all of us to bury small differences and the small things that should not separate us. We must always remember that we got to the current deplorable situation in our country because we allowed narrow and selfish political interests to divide us. The 31st of July Movement has told us that this country does not belong to any one political party or organization but to all of us as *CITIZENS*. It’s the unity of citizens around their common grievances and shared aspirations that has alerted the world to the underlying untold suffering that we have endured for a long time now.

Lindiwe Sisulu rightly pointed out that a Zimbabwean is now a person without dignity. We are now objects of ridicule and pity wherever we try to eke a living. We have been reduced to beggars wherever we are. Our problems cut across those living within or outside Zimbabwe. Our brothers in exile which we love to call in Diaspora are not wherever they are by choice. It was through human rights abuses, economic deprivation, persecution and terror from the system that they were forced to leave the country.

This situation calls upon us all as a people to speak with one voice. We can no longer remain silent. The abuse we have gone through as a people has never been witnessed in modern civilization. We have been reduced to objects and we wonder whether those who are being used to oppress us are living in their own country. Freedom is the desire of everyone. When our happiness and civilization is destroyed there is no purpose for living. We must be gratified as Zimbabweans that the world has seen what has been done against us for a long time. We must remain resolute. Freedom is beckoning.

#Free Hopewell Chin’ono
#Free Jacob Ngarivhume
#Free Godfree Kurauone
NO to Corruption
NO to Looting
NO to Abductions
NO to Torture
NO to Violence against Citizens
NO to Any Form of Human Rights Abuses


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