A Uk based woman claims to have taken Tytan Olinda Chapel’s ex-husband to court after he failed to deliver a website which he had already collected the payment for.

The Woman Took to a facebook group “Mafira Kureva Reloaded”  to express her disappointment   and posted as hidey.

” Hi plizz hide….. Tytan he owes me  for website which he failed to construct.  Ive had a website constructed by another person. When i ask for my money he gets rude and say im on a mission. He is so arrogant and ignorant. He comes accross as cruel and selfish.Tytan is refusing to pay up what he owes me. He is accusing me of having an agenda against him. Ive taken the case to small claims court and paid £25 for the case. He now has a CCJ and continues to refuse paying back. He now owes me £225 “ She wrote.

Efforts to get a comment from tytan were fruitless as his mobile was not going through.

The woman posted v11’s of email between her and tytan and Tytan explained he would pay end of august as he had changed his staff and also that his business had been affected by covid 19.

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