Zimbabwean Mother Sells House for Son to Become a Pilot : Results Delivered

The Estate Agents Council has blacklisted 79 Estate agents countrywide for different reasons ranging from not being registered with the council and other misdemeanours.

The matter came to light after the council published a statement warning members of the public against working with blacklisted agents.

The council made it clear that the compensation fund and the council will not accept liability if any individual or organisation encountered a problem while dealing with the blacklisted agents.  Said council in a statement:

Members of the public are hereby notified that these entities and individuals who are illegally practising as agents are not allowed to trade in Estate Agency business in Zimbabwe including assisting in selling and management of properties.

These entities/individuals have not complied with various legislative requirements for practicing which are meant to protect the public. These requirements include having in place a Principal Registered Estate Agent (PREA). We advise the public not to engage these entities for estate agency business. The Council and Compensation Fund will not accept liability for actions or ommisions of these entities or individuals.

Phoenix Real Estate, TWRE- Harare, Zimproperty and Keystone Real Estate are some of the prominent estate agents that have been blacklisted by the council.

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