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Watch Ginimbi Death Prophecy One Month Before The Accident

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In a shocking development, a video warning Ginimbi about life has surfaced.

The video, dated 4 October 2020, shows a prophecy by Prophet Advocate Joshua Chirambwe where he sought urgent intercession for the flamboyant businessman and socialite.

The prophet gave Ginimbi 72 hours to pray for his life and part of the prophecy is quoted below:

“Urgent prayers are necessary for a Genius, very rich… because in the spiritual realm there is an event of a catastrophic nature, you are going to witness this if prayers, serious prayers are not made by him or on his behalf in 72 hours… is it fire, is it water, is it the body, is the air? we have to pray, these prayers have to be made within 72 hours…”

Another part of the prophecy warns that the unfortunate incident can happen in a month, a year, two years or three years.

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Ironically, Ginimbi died a month later after his car was involved in a crash and burst into flames. Below is the shell of Ginimbi's burning Rolls Royce.

ginimbies dies in car crash and fire

At this point, it's not clear if Ginimbi was aware of the prophecy or if any prayers were made on his behalf. Watch the full prophecy below.

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