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“No illegal Slaughtering Of Infected Cattle Has Been Reported To Us, We Reject Social Media Claims” Says Minister Perence Shiri

The government of Zimbabwe has dismissed reports circulating on social media claiming contaminated meat is on the market.

This was communicated by the Agriculture Minister Perence Shiri after yesterday’s post-cabinet briefing.

Shiri said:

But let me also talk about what has been coming out on social media whereby someone was broadcasting that some infected cattle were being slaughtered in Mhondoro and sold to butcheries in towns.

We have two to three extension workers in every ward and no report has been received to that effect, especially from Mhondoro, and that now casts doubt on the authenticity and reliability of the report.

Members of the public with more information should report to the relevant authorities.

Watch the live video loading below:

Shiri also said they were intensifying their inspections all over the country to ensure that clean safe meat is on the market.

Below is the gossip on social media


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