Just In: DNA Results For Moana & Ginimbi’s Other Friends Finalised

The National University of Science & Technology has finalised the DNA test of the charred remains of Moana and two others who perished together with Ginimbi in a tragic accident on the 8th of November.

The three were burnt beyond recognition when the car they were travelling in was involved in an accident and later burst into flames. As a result, they could not be buried since their remains needed to be conclusively identified first.

The only way to positively identify them was through Genetic fingerprinting.

Genetic fingerprinting or DNA profiling, is a method for detecting variable sequences within DNA to distinguish individuals from one another.

To identify the remains of the victims, DNA from the remains found at the accident site were collected and matched to the DNA known to be from the victims.

The Director of NUST Applied Genetic Testing Center Zephaniah Dhlamini said the DNA testing for the trio had been completed in a letter attached below.

dna test for Moana

The conclusion of the tests means that the respective families can now proceed with burial arrangements. Moana will be buried in Harare while the other two foreign nationals Limumba Cazal(Malawi) and Alichia Adams (Mozambique) will likely be repatriated to their respective countries.

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