Tytan & Olinda Back Together?

Olinda Chapel has sent tongues wagging after she added her former husband’s name to her social media handles.

She changed her Facebook and Instagram handles from Olinda Chapel to Olinda Chapel-Nkomo.

Speculations have risen on social media with some saying this change may mean that Olinda is back with Tytan Nkomo her ex-husband.

Women normally add their husband’s surname to their own upon marriage.

What makes this development even more confusing is that Olinda is currently divorcing Tytan in the courts.

According to H-Metro, Olinda argued that Tytan Nkomo had tricked her into marriage so that he could legally reside in the UK in her application for divorce.

She claimed;

Plaintiff (Olinda) believed the marriage was for love when the Defendant (Tytan), the marriage was just a conduit to acquire United Kingdom of Great Britain immigration papers enabling him to remain and reside in that country using Plaintiff’s immigration status.


Defendant fraudulently misrepresented Plaintiff into entering into the marriage believing it to be for love when in actual fact the Defendant intended the marriage to be entered into it for purpose of his acquisition of immigration papers entitling him to remain and reside permanently in the United Kingdom.

Tytan on the other hand, claims that he decided to end his marriage with Olinda after she lied to him about her HIV status.

Neither of the two has commented on the recent developments on the latter’s social media handles.

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