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Low Cost Business Ideas To Make Money in Zimbabwe in 2021

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I was just checking out this business magazine and I managed to glean out some low-cost business ideas which can increase your income this year 2021.

What caught my attention is that some of these things we have been overlooking them for years in our communities tichingoti kubatsirana. I added some of my own ideas saka igango imomo you just pick out and chew.

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1) Personal trainer

There are lots of people who have the money but no time to go to the gym. Throw in overweight kids and you got a good client base. Exercise is one of the habits of successful people so if you are well versed with it, why not make moola out of it? Organise a schedule which suits each client's spare time and you are good to go. You can also do video training online

2) Alterations specialist

I hear many tailors crying kuti pakaipa. Now here is the deal; go kumabhero or any clothes market, liaise with the sellers there so that any customer who wants to buy anything oversize can come to you. Hlal'eduze lomutshina wakho and do the work-simple!

3) Music lessons and voice coaching

Hmmm with all this fever about music ka, those with skills for instrument playing and good voices takagarira mari. Advertise yourself and do a thorough work especially kuvoice coaching uko because many singers can't pull a live show vocally. It is also a good venture during holidays vana vawane zvekuita

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4) Language coach

With the world being a global village now those who are multilingual can make a killing with this. There are the obvious French, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin n Hindi coaches. However, people are now getting an interest in African languages too. Zulu, Swahili, Chewa, Sotho, Tswana etc. So go and just do it!

5) After party cleaner

Aiwa kana tafara ka tinoda kuzorora.And it creates an opportunity for someone. You go and clean, wash, dust and restore order. You get paid and you go-simple!

6) Baby sitter

You will never guess why most single parents never go out…haana wekusiira vana! And its just a few hours or a day. If you love kids then why not play with them while you earn?

7) Vegetable nursery

Seriously I hate wastage! So although I love farming I just don't buy a whole packet of seeds knowing that I will use just a quarter. So I prefer buying seedlings hang.Good thing is you don't need much space just one big bed with variety can do.

For today I end here…

Destiny-Zbin Byo (Guest writer)

What are your thoughts on this? You can add your comments below.


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