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Zimbabweans to live freely and to receive free education and medication in Botswana

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Zimbabweans will receive free education courtesy of the president of the Republic of Botswana H.E Masisi.

The president in a speech said that he had budgeted enough to share with Zimbabweans who come to Botswana.

In a statement, he said ‘From now on Zimbabweans are free to seek employment in all sectors in Botswana” This comes after Zimbabweans were living in Botswana on accounts of permits and without permits, they would be arrested and deported.

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Zimbabweans in Botswana have also been allowed to have free education which is also a good thing done by H.E Masisi.

In a post by Daniel DK Kenosi he said”On behalf of all Zimbabweans I would like to take this moment to thank the government of Botswana led by HE Masisi that Zimbabweans are now free in Botswana to access education, employment and medication for free”

He went on to say we the Shonas and Matebeleland people say Masisi should be given another term.

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