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Schools Warned Against Forcing Uniforms on Parents

It is illegal to force parents to buy uniforms strictly from schools.

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The government has cautioned schools against pressuring parents to buy uniforms exclusively from them, especially if there are more affordable options available.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education says while schools have been authorized to make and sell uniforms, they cannot mandate parents to buy them from the school or specific suppliers if the quality and standards are met by other alternatives.

According to Mr Edward Shumba, the Provincial Education Director for Manicaland, parents are at liberty to purchase uniforms from sources other than the school or designated suppliers. The Manica Post quotes him as saying:

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The Ministry’s position is very clear for government schools; they cannot fix a specific supplier of uniforms and must not have a monopoly.

While they are allowed to produce and sell uniforms, they should let parents know of other sellers so that guardians can choose where to buy from at affordable prices.

It is illegal to force parents to buy uniforms strictly from schools.

Mr Shumba stated that schools that disregard this government directive should be reported to the relevant authorities for intervention.

In March, Primary and Secondary Education Deputy Minister Edgar Moyo declared that it was against the law for schools to compel parents or guardians to purchase uniforms from them at market rates, taking into account cost benefits.

This was after complaints from the public that some schools were obliging parents to purchase uniforms from the school or particular vendors.


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